Dan first started playing guitar around age 14. Inspired by groups such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bowie and Billy Joel. As a self-taught musician, Dan has taken his turn with Vocals, Piano/Keyboards, Guitar and Bass playing with several Classic Rock, Pop and Original bands and solo acoustic acts across Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh (where he originates from), to Philadelphia. He has become proficient at studio recording and does a lot of home studio work himself. His songs such as the beautiful piano ballads “Leslie” and “There She Goes” as well as the Beatlesque “Bring Me Home” and the Beach Boys reminiscent “On My Way” and “What Happens To Love” are available for purchase/download at CD Baby.com and at all the main digital download stores on the web. Dan Finnegan music.



“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Brian Wilson and Dan Finnegan

Brian Wilson & Dan Finnegan

The Brian Wilson Tour with Paul Simon 2001 at Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Pete Best & Dan Finnegan

From The Pete Best Tour in Liverpool, Pennsylvania 2005.

Waiting For Summer Album Cover

Waiting For Summer

Dan Finnergan Debut Album 1995

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